Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Car

GMC is my third church posting. When I look back my posting journey, I thank God for His provision and protection. What He has done for me is beyond what I expected and what I thought.

Before I came to GMC, I was a bit worry of my transport here. Honestly speaking, all this while wherever church I went to they always provide me a private car to drive and I have never driven church van to go to shopping to buy thing. I can't imagine I myself has to drive a van around to do my shopping.

Anyway, I pray to God for it and I am willing to submit to the Lord also for it. God always knows what we need. LCEC decided to buy a new private car for the pastor before I came to this church.

I was very happy to hear this news. However, God did test my faith in Him. Waiting for the car coming is a journey of faith. Because at the beginning I felt that how come they didn't do anything, they didn't go to order or choose the car and I even started to question whether they will get the car on time for me.

I can say that God's timing is always right and just. I got the car in very perfect timing. I thank God for it!!

It reminds me that in Hebrews 13:8: "Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Praise the Lord!! If it is Him sends me here, then He will prepare all I need.....

Mummy came for Chinese New Year

After two years dad passed away, mummy seemed has recovery from her grieve. I thank God for it.... How did I find it?
Two days ago, she came to Miri. And we started to plan and buy things for Chinese New Year. We went out to the shopping centre and we bought a lot of things. She was very enjoy of doing the shopping. And doesn't look tire.
I thank Father in Heaven to look after her and me all this while.

What hinders me from serving the Lord freely?

Borrowed Equipment

Read 1 Samuel 17:32-40, 50

Let us throw off everything that hinders . . . and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

-Hebrews 12:1 (NIV)

I'VE always loved the Bible's story of David, the shepherd boy who defeats Goliath with a sling and a stone. Recently I realized that David had to take something off in order to succeed in this mission. King Saul tried to protect David by giving him Saul's armor. David quickly discovered that Saul's heavy equipment hindered him. He removed the king's armor and approached Goliath unhindered, armed only with his usual shepherd's supplies and his strong trust in God.

Meditating on this story, I wonder how often I try to serve God wearing someone else's "equipment." Of course we all can learn from the good example of others. But when asked to teach Sunday school, do I think I must imitate the previous teacher? Do I study a method of evangelism and then mimic its exact words when I share my faith? Do I weigh myself down by copying someone else's style? Am I afraid to serve God just as I am?

I have decided that it's time to drop the weight of trying to be like others and instead to be myself. The Lord has given each of us unique gifts. We don't need borrowed equipment. We can all learn from David, taking off whatever hinders us and trusting God for help in using our God-given abilities.

Marion Speicher Brown (Florida, USA)

Thank you, mighty Lord, for equipping each of us uniquely. Give us courage to be ourselves as we serve you. Amen.

What hinders me from serving God freely?

To relax and be myself in the way I serve God

I think this is a wonderful sharing passage which help me a lot. All this while I don't know how to fight my "giants". The only thing is to take one step as I can. I thank God for guiding me through all these days in Miri here. Many peoples or leaders' expectations on me, and I try to push all these things unto the Lord. And I know that He is my help.
This passage reminds me that I don't need to wear someone else "equipment", I have my own and this is from the Lord and if I wear it and use it, I can defeat my giant easily. For those who read this, pls do pray for me.... PRay that I will continue to put my trust in God and will not shrink back to serve Him.