Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lord, teach me how to pray

Saturday morning we always have a group of sisters will come to church to have a prayer meet. Today, this was my first time attended this prayer meeting. We all took turn to pray. I am the last one to pray.
Honestly say, I felt a bit uncomfortable to pray in English. When those sisters all prayed very fluently in English. I felt a bit scare and in fact I didn't know what should I pray for. Before it came to my turn, I prayed silently in my heart. I said: "Lord, teach me how to pray and what to pray."
Amazingly, when I started to pray, the words and prayer items just kept coming in to my mind and I could pray out loud and fluently. Indeed, it was really a miracle and thank God for the anointing.
The Lord always be my help.... When I first got to know that I will be coming to GMC. I was quite worry about my English. I don't how much I can guote. I don't know what should I do for the church.... However, it is just like what I preached in the past whole year about the book of Joshua. I believe God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I will be my help and guide me through all the things....
Now, it's time to pray for getting a better church caretaker. "Lord, please help the church to get a better caretaker. We need this person to clean up the church and keep this church tidy. So that when people come to your House, they will feel comfortable. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen!!"