Friday, January 7, 2011

Calling for help

Today I read Matthew 14:18-33. It is about Jesus walked on the sea. This time, God led me to ponder on Peter calling out for help. Sometimes, although we have "thousand tans" of faith.... However, we may also "sink" like Peter when we face "strong wind blow". However, God is merciful and gracious, He slow to anger and abounding in Steadfast love. He is our help and shelter.... As long as we call out for help.... HE will reach out His hand and catch us from sinking.

As I came over to Miri, I find that I need God more than I continue to stay in Sibu. Due to I am the "in charge", there are many things which I need to make decision for the church. I need to handle a lot of matters and people.

"God, save me!" - I really need His help.... Anyway, as long as we call upon Him, He will never feel hesitate in helping me....