Wednesday, January 5, 2011

God answered prayer

This is my second week in Miri. Still adjusting to the new environment. New people, new roadmap, new talking style and new lifestyle. However, I still thank God for answering my prayers.

When I first knew about my posting, I started worrying about my transportation. Do I need to drive a van since then? Am I able to drive van around the places? How am I going to settle down the things in Miri? How am I get to know the places? There are many worries filled my brain. I don't know how to solve these problems.

I thank God that He is my help and my shelter. If there is anything, I can just call upon Him. He will help. And He did answer my prayers.

Church has decided to buy a new car for pastor use. IT IS A NEW CAR - MYVI. I have never expected it. My counsin came to my place and took me driving around the places and I picked it up very fast. Now, I knew how to go to many places. I bought all the things which I want and I need. I have settled down well.

When I was not able to do something, God grants strength and wisdom to help me. Indeed, without God all things are impossible to me.

I met friends and a lot of foochow people here. I thank God for it. Unless it is not as bad as I thought before. ha!