Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Posting

Next year I am going to Miri. Due to lacking of English pastor, SCAC has to send me there to minister an English Church. Back again to English church after two years. If you ask me how do I feel, I can answer you honestly I feel this is a right timing for myself, my family and also to the church.

I came back to Sibu six years ago. I feel very comfortable to stay at home. It is because I can enjoy my mum's nice foods, familiar environment, friends and relatives. I don't need to worry much about my meal, laundries, paying bills etc. My mum and many people will take care of all these for me.

I am leaving for Miri on 27th of Dec. This is my new journey. I hope you will pray for me and my ministry there. May His will be done.....